Give Local, It Matters to an Elementary School Student

When someone asks you to give money to a charity, what do you think about? First, you probably consider if you have some money that you could comfortably donate, then you wonder if you’ve heard of the charity. But what about the potential impact to your local community? Studies state that people are more likely to donate to a charity that “means something to them.”* So if you had the chance to positively impact elementary school children in your neighborhood, would you take it? What about the impact on the economic development potential of your region? Or further, enrich the classroom experience for thousands of children to gain exposure to math and science beyond the traditional “textbook” learning? I bet you would donate. I would too.                                            STARBASE Give Local logo

I encourage you to join us on May 3rd in the Give Local 757 fundraising campaign by supporting STARBASE Victory. Give Local America is a national organization that provides an online platform for charitable donations within a local community. On May 3rd, many nonprofits in the Hampton Roads area will participate in Give Local 757 with a goal to collectively raise a million dollars! It’s a lofty goal but I think we can do it. So mark your calendar to support local organizations, like STARBASE Victory, during a simple, fun online fundraising drive for a 24 hour time period.

STARBASE Victory provides innovative and experiential science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning opportunities to ALL fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students in the Portsmouth Public School system. Students are transported from their neighborhood schools for a four-day experience in the STARBASE facility where they will learn about measurement and mapping; protecting the environment and the Elizabeth River watershed; and basic physics concepts.

The curriculum features hands-on projects and is designed to meet state math and science Standards of Learning (SOLs). While in attendance, students wear a special t-shirt, select a personal call sign and inevitably experience the joy of learning in a whole new environment. STARBASE Victory is the only public/private STARBASE program in the United States and has proven to reduce the black and white achievement gap in Portsmouth. With your help, we can help provide awareness and excitement for STEM at an early edge, fostering the next generation of engineers, computer programmers, and graphic designers.

The idea of making a difference in your local community isn’t new and Give Local 757 seeks to capitalize on that idea. Help us make a difference in our community – to inspire an elementary school student to pursue a career in math or science that they never knew existed. To learn more about STARBASE Victory, visit our website at


Written by: Christine Suter, STARBASE Victory Board Member
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