Summer Camps

AEROBASE SUMMER 2Parents and students, we had a wonderful summer with you. It was such a joy to see the excitement and engaging of your children in learning new STEM skills! We look forward to planning for next summer so we welcome your input! We will let you know when registration opens for our summer 2018 schedule!

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Summer Camps 2017

Robotic critters, hunts for the elusive pirate, Calico Pete, and all kinds of other activities keep the STARBASE Victory halls and classrooms full during our summer camps. STARBASE Summer Camps were among the best opportunities for Portsmouth students to learn while having fun.  Thanks to our donors and the incredible staff, we have been able to grow the summer program to 26 total weeks of new experiences.

Our voluntary summer camps for Portsmouth Public Schools are offered at no charge with parents required to transport their children. Totally funded by STARBASE, each summer camp runs for four consecutive days and includes an exciting field trip. Camps are developed as an expansion of the school year program so that students will continue their engagement in STEM education. Approximately 345 students sign up, first come first serve, for the camps targeted to preparation for the next grade level and to support the future activities of the STEM Pathways.

In addition to the three core summer camps, SPACEBASE (for rising fifth graders), ENVIROBASE (for rising sixth graders, and AEROBASE (for rising seventh graders), STARBASE now offers exciting summer camps for rising third graders through rising ninth graders!

LEGO®WeDO Camp is a summer camp for students who have just completed the 3rd grade. The campers build and program “robotic critters” capable of performing tasks.

SPACEBASE Camp keeps rising 5th graders busy using geospatial technologies to learn more about Old Towne Portsmouth. Mapping, exploration, and interaction with the businesses in Olde Towne Portsmouth during the field trip results in each team’s creation of a brochure representing the area which is available for download.

ENVIROBASE Camp engages rising 6th graders with field studies and labs to explore the Elizabeth River and Chesapeake Bay which includes a field trip to Paradise Creek where the campers learn the important role of good stewardship of the environment.

AEROBASE Campers, rising 7th graders, The AEROBASE-Atlantis summer curriculum and activities demonstrate for students how math, science, and technology skills are put to use in experimental design, rocketry, and the physics of flight. They learn 3D printing technology for designing their rocketry.

PPScoders (rising 5th, 6th, and 7th grades) encourages campers to learn the basics of computer coding, develop their own computer programs, and explore career opportunities.   Students will also have a field experience to see computer programming in action!

Crime Scene (CSI) Investigation Camp (Rising 8th and 9th graders) is a hands on opportunity for students to learn how forensic scientists process a crime scene. DNA fingerprinting, cast impressions, handwriting, soil, and water analysis crime scene skills will be explored.

DISCOVERYBASE Maker Camp is for rising 8th and 9th graders who love to tinker, make and create like real inventors.

camp 3 group 1 015The upcoming summer camp offerings will be posted on the website for your review in March. Whether you are a parent, an interested engineering college student wanting to become a STARBASE Mentor or a potential sponsor who would like to come during the summer and share with students about your STEM careers, be sure to check our NEWS section as well for updates.