Creative Partnering Helps STARBASE Students Learn about Opportunities in the Pharmaceutical Careers: Thank you, PhRMA!

On January 7th , PhRMA hosted a joint Zoom session celebrating that organization’s $2500 grant
to STARBASE. PhRMA (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing Association) is a trade
group representing leading innovative biopharmaceutical research companies in the United
States. Since 2000, PhRMA member companies have invested nearly $1 trillion in the search
for new treatments and cures. When the company expressed an interest in providing grants to
nonprofits around the country that are promoting STEM education, State Senator Louise Lucas
suggested STARBASE Victory. Senator Lucas attended the Zoom session along with Dr Bracy,
superintendent of Portsmouth Public Schools, retired admiral Bill Hayden, founder and current
executive director of STARBASE, Laura Nelson, Coordinator of Science for Portsmouth schools,
Rich Neefe, STARBASE program coordinator and representatives from PhRMA. Six graduates of
this year’s virtual STARBASE program listened to opportunities in the pharmaceutical
community and then answered some questions from the PhRMA reps. “I’m not sure exactly
what I want to do, but I like science,” said Andrew Rawls, Hodges Manor Elementary, Gr 5
student. Perhaps one day, one of these students will find a cure for cancer!