Launching Futures for the next 20 Years!

In 2022, STARBASE Victory is celebrating 20 years, but we are not sitting on our laurels! We are an anticipating nearly a full year of celebration which we anticipate culminating in our second Launching Futures Awards Recognition event. Whether that will be live or hybrid, depending on the pandemic, we look forward to engaging each of you to participate!

As you may know, when the Portsmouth Public Schools were virtual, STARBASE started an exciting virtual initiative, Project SCOUT (STARBASE Connections and Outreach Using Technology) where students met their STARBASE teacher online for exciting STEM projects during their science period. We maintained the opportunity for all 3000 4th, 5th, and 6th graders to continue STEM learning with their class virtually. With their materials in hand (and their much-loved grade-specific teach shirts, they completed projects, often including siblings and their parents. It wasn’t perfect but it gave us a solution, which we have since carried to our students as needed when we have had to “go virtual” for a few weeks at a time. It also made us rethink learning, just as you may have been rethinking the remote workplace in your businesses. In 2022, we plan to launch more Project SCOUT and possibly other online learning which can serve all of Portsmouth, both our students at PPS, private schools, and homebased programs, and even other elementary grade students beyond Portsmouth. Watch for more on this!

When we look back on the past 20 years, we see many positive outcomes…expansions, piloting curricula which speaks to students now and for their futures. Without a doubt, we know STARBASE is resilient and progressive. The year will bring us more attention…which is always a good thing for a brand!

Our STARBASE Board of Directors is focused on reaching deep into Portsmouth…more diverse communities. We need your help. We want to engage with our STARBASE “graduates” who are now in college or in the workforce to learn how they might still be using what they learned with us and to reengage them in our mission. Please give us opportunities to present at civic and business meetings. We hope you will share upcoming events where we can collaborate. If you have been to any community festivals such as the Riverfest, you know that families love “playing” with our STEM contests!

All that we do this year will help us support our core programs, summer camps, and our engagement in the community, like our initiative which will kick off in March, bringing STEM projects to the new Portsmouth Boys and Girls Club. Of course, all of this takes funding. Our 20th Anniversary brings new opportunities for you to help fund these programs. Please check out our new 20th Anniversary Sponsorship Program! We have built in some new opportunities to brand your organization while supporting ours! And yes, when we schedule our Partner Breakfast, the Launching Futures event, and other activities, you will be front and center!

Thank you for all that you do…our partners, our donors, and our community leaders. Let’s celebrate this Portsmouth jewel…STARBASE…Launching Futures for the next 20 years!