Thank you everyone for helping us to exceed our 2021 Giving Tuesday goal of $10,000. Our Board and Community Outreach/Marketing Committee were very involved it getting information out to the Portsmouth Community and making their own commitments. The result? We started the new year with a total of $12,225.90 from our Giving Tuesday campaign!

One aspect of our campaign was the promotion of new ways to assist donors to give. One of these was offered to our Board members and Community Outreach/Marketing Committee. We signed up through the Virginia Department of Education to receive NAP-E credits (Neighborhood Assistance Programs for Education) which is a great opportunity to give and in doing so, the donor receives Virginia tax credits. Be sure to talk to our Executive Director, William Hayden, if your organization would like to learn more.

If you think you missed the Giving Tuesday deadline, you have not! Either donate on at www.starbasevictory.org/donate or hold your phone camera on the QR code below, and you can easily donate.

Thank you to all our 2021 Giving Tuesday Donors!