“I learned how oysters grow, and what they do to keep the ocean clean.”

Fifth graders explore the local environment at ENVIROBASE Aquarius. They learn about the weather and the Elizabeth River Watershed. Students perform experiments on the water, observe the flora and fauna surrounding the waterways, and work with oysters to determine the important role they play in the health of the river. When they realize that oysters actually improve water clarity, they gain an understanding of the interconnected nature of “nature.”

Taking this knowledge they learn how their actions (as well as those of friends and family) are important to creating a drinkable, swimmable, and fishable waterway. The program has won “River Star” status  from the Elizabeth River Project for the past six years running.Key Components of the Program:

  • Learning the dynamics of the atmosphere and weather
  • Exploring the local Elizabeth River Watershed
  • Documenting experiences using digital cameras
  • Green ENVIROBASE t-shirts