Students explore the local environment at ENVIROBASE. They learn about the weather and the Elizabeth River Watershed. Students perform experiments on the water, observe the flora and fauna surrounding the waterways, and work with oysters to determine the important role they play in the health of the river. When they realize that oysters actually improve water clarity, they gain an understanding of the interconnected nature of “nature.” Taking this knowledge they learn how their actions (as well as those of friends and family) are important to creating a drinkable, swimmable, and fishable waterway. The program has won “River Star” status six times from the Elizabeth River Project.

Key Components:

  • Learning the dynamics of the atmosphere and weather
  • Exploring the local Elizabeth River Watershed
  • Documenting experiences using digital cameras
  • Green ENVIROBASE t-shirts

MEDBASE, 5th Grade

In Medbase, fifth grade students engage in a variety of career awareness activities designed to highlight the many Health Science career opportunities in our Hampton Roads area. Using workplace readiness strategies, students will explore forensic analysis, epidemiology, infectious disease, and learn treatment practices such as CPR.

Key Components:

  • Exploration of Forensic Medicine-workplace activities and readiness.
  • Practice in applying fundamental technical and practical knowledge and skills.
  • Develop skills necessary to succeed in employment and post-secondary education.

AEROBASE, 6th Grade

Sixth-grade students complete AEROBASE, a four-day program which focuses on force, motion, and energy. The curriculum emphasizes problem-based, hands-on learning using an elementary physics and aviation-based curriculum. Students experience simple Newtonian physics as they build and launch model rockets, code drones for simulated flight missions, compete in programming challenges of sphero rovers, and design/build a LEGO Mars colony. The theme is Mission Mars!

Key Components:

  • Developing an understanding of basic physics.
  • Logbooks to capture notes and lessons.
  • Discussing goals and the importance of goal setting.
  • Working in teams to solve problems
  • Rockets! Drones! Sphero Rovers!
  • Red AEROBASE t-shirts!


STARBASE offers free Summer Camps that expand students’ STEM skills. While in camp, they think they are just having fun… and they are… but they are also learning new skills. Our camps are first come, first served, so look for registration to open in early April.