STARBASE Brings STEM Projects to the Boys and Girls Club

STARBASE Victory is proud to announce a partnership with The Boys and Girls Club in Portsmouth at the organization’s new facility. The after-school, two-hour program began this month in two sessions of four days each. The first session was provided for 8-12 year old youth with an activity to build individual SPHERO robotic chariots which they coded and then raced to the finish line in the maze. The second session used the same STEM project but was geared for twelve year old and older youth. Partnering with Women in Defense Greater Hampton Roads Chapter (WIDGHR), Arizone Hollins Brown, President & Chief Executive Officer, ASJ IT Services, was our first volunteer who attended and shared with the youth about her career including maintaining airplanes in the Air Force and how she used STEM in her company. They asked great questions, and when they seemed a little stumped on what software means, Bill Hayden was on hand to help. There were three “graduates” of the STARBASE 6th grade program, so Bill shared that when they coded the drones in AEROBASE they were using software.

We will continue holding sessions for the Boys and Girls Club so stay tuned. We also hope to expand the program to other locations.

Interested in getting involved? We will be offering volunteer opportunities during the fourth graduation day as we are doing with WIDGHR. We need roughly $2500 to run the program for a full year, which includes the instructors’ compensation and the kits the kids use. We will recognize you and your employees in our media and website. A donation of $300 will make quite a difference in how we can continue to expand the program. So, let’s get nine people to cover those expenses!

STARBASE Victory Encourages Students to Reach for the Stars by Jada Carson









STARBASE Victory is ready to give students assessable and intriguing STEM programs this summer. The
program gives students from 4 th grade to 7 th grade the opportunity to learn the disciplines of STEM
through an interactive coursework. The instructors here at STARBASE use all the resources that are
available to ensure student success.

One principle that STARBASE stands on is the motive of critical thinking. STARBASE is not the ordinary
STEM summer program; it is a very inquisitive learning space for its students. Multiple projects and field
trips which the students participate in force them to use their minds in ways beyond the traditional

There are four separate summer camp programs within STARBASE Victory. For rising 4 th graders, the
Lego We Do Robotics program deals with comprehending animal behavior and connecting these
ideologies to creating digital habitats. The rising 5 th grade program is Code Trekkers. This program
influences students to use GPS and Geographical information systems to navigate their way through Old
Town Portsmouth. The Eco Cadets program is all about nature. Rising 6 th graders learn about the
importance of environmental sustainability through activities like kayaking and testing water quality.
Our PPScoders is designed for 5 th , 6 th , and 7 th graders to learn the basics of computer coding. Finally,
there is the Drone Squad for rising 7 th graders that focuses on coding and engineering to launch rockets.

All of these programs will give all students a way to think outside of the box and unconventionally solve
problems. STARBASE Victory gives students insight to how real-world issues are solved in an exciting
manner. Encouragement and confidence are some of the qualities that the instructs put into each
student that walks through the STARBASE Victory camp. These are some of the exciting programs that
STARBASE Victory has to offer this summer. Parents, be sure to visit the Summer Camps page to register
your students!

If you would like to come in for a tour and see all the action, please contact Susan Long-Molnar, Business
Development Director, at We want representatives from our
regional business community and civic groups to understand how our model expands what students
learn during the school year and how these programs contribute to future career decisions.